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The exhibition consists of members from Santiago’s “International Surrealism Now” and members from several  fantastic/visionary groups such as Otto Rapp’s Visionary Art Network, Liba Waring Stambollion’s Dreams and Divinities, and Brigid Marlin’s Society for the Art of the Imagination.

Exhibition: No Body, No Evidence, Right?

LuminArté Gallery

Address: 1727 East Levee Street, Dallas, TX 75207

No Body, No Evidence, Right?
January 24th – March 14th
Opening Reception January 24th, 7-10PM
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Artists List:
Ron Burkhardt, Irene Neal, Puneeta Mittal, Robin Antar, Paul Lorenz, Keiko Gonzalez,Gina Rossi, John and Elli Milan, Antoaneta Hillman, Durand Seay, Shawn Man Roland, Carmelo Midili, Ted Barr, Joe MacGown, Steve Smith, Elizabeth Schowachert, Cathy Shepherd, Paul Pena, Michael Broussard, Leanne Venier, Judith Seay.

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In the Studio – 10-27-2014

In the Studio

Automatic Drawing Series – Ink

In the studio – 10-22-2014
Presently working on a series of automatic drawings with pen and ink. The first image is photos of the fifth piece during the first stages of the process and a gallery of the first four in the series follows.

No. 5 -W.I.P.

No. 5 -W.I.P.

Palace of Lousã