Surrealism of the 21st Century – LuminArte Gallery

Surrealism of the 21st Century at LuminArte Gallery features numerous Texas artists, including Breck Outland, Francisco Javier, Magi Calhoun, Morgan Grasham, Rick Timmons and Merry Fuhrer. Local Surrealists will accompany an international group of artists in a presentation of LUSO-AMERICAN Surrealism, which is a continuation of a series of exhibitions relating to Portuguese artist, Santiago Ribeiro´s project “International Surrealism Now.” This unique exhibition will feature works of Portuguese artists Victor Lages, Paula Rosa, Francisco Urbano, Santiago Ribeiro, and American artists France Garrido, Joe MacGown, K.D. Matheson, Shahla Rosa, Steve Smith and Olga Spiegel. In addition, LuminArte Gallery is proud to introduce the paintings of New York based artist, Richard Vaux and California based painter, Joe Vaux, who is most widely known for his work as a director and storyboard artist on the animated series “Family Guy.”


International Surrealism Now – Roque Gameiro House

 Lisbon, Portugal,— From November 30 to January 25, 2014,
The Roque Gameiro House, in Amadora.


International Surrealism Now – Lisbon, Portugal



The International Surrealism Now is an initiative of the surrealist painter of Coimbra, Santiago Ribeiro, who has devoted much of his time to the promotion of international surrealism of 21st century, which is currently in Portugal and worldwide.
Thus has invited artists from all parts of the planet in order to participate in this project and then has received works of artist from various countries.

he International Surrealism Now began in 2010 in Coimbra, where Santiago Ribeiro prepared a major exhibition organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. This same event was also already in Conímbriga in Paris with the support of GAPP-Art Gallery Portugal Present and  Liba WS, once again organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation and Santiago Ribeiro, organized in Moscow by Andrei Nekrasov, in Madrid in support Yamal Din and followed to Setúbal and then to Amadora in great Lisbon in November, and the exhibition continues to grow in participants.

Andrei Nekrasov is President of the “International Centre of Arts by Andrei Nekrasov” (“MCIAN”), Andrei Nekrasov - the world famous popularizer of Surrealism in Russia and abroad, ”the most shocking and iconic artist and gallery owner of the Moscow underground”, artist-surrealist-esoteric.
Author and organizer of the “GEYSERS OF SUBCONSCIOUSNESS” The International Vanguard-Surrealistic-Esoteric Art Proect,  is held regularly since 2007 in the central galleries and exhibition halls of Moscow, brought together more than a 100 artists surrealists, vanguards, esoterics, symbolists, mystics and abstractionists from Russia and around the world. [Read more...]